There are issues with MapMyRunin integration with Facebook.

If you have created MapMyRun account with Facebook, then follow these steps to get connected:

1. If MapMyRun is created with Facebook, then you don't have password. You need to create it.
You can create password here:
Press on Request Password Reset.

2. You will receive an email with link, where you can create password.

3. After that in go to connections section and pick UnderArmour Connected Fitness:

4. When you are logging in MapMyRun, then use username and password (the one you just created) . Do not press on Facebook button - it doesn't work. Button Forgot my password also doesn't work here.

If you don't see the activities that are recorded with the Fitbit device, this can be caused by the following reasons:

1. The activity record in the device must be recorded by using "Exercise" functionality. We do not receive steps or kilometres that you have done using Fitbit device daily. We receive only exercise records.

2. The recording of GPS data (location) must be switched on when you are performing an exercise record. Some Fitbit devices are not supporting built-in GPS tracking. In this case the Fitbit device must be paired with your phone and must use phone GPS data. If phone data is used, both devices must be with you while you are doing an exercise recording.

3. After you have finished your exercise, it must be saved on your Fitbit device and Fitbit device must be synchronised with your Fitbit app on phone. This is how your exercise record is stored in your Fitbit account. All your synchronised exercises you can check here :
Make sure that you see your exercise data and route under "Activity History".

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Compatible with Strava
Compatible with Strava
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