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#Move to Work August 2023

Challenge Main Goal

Go to work by bike or by feet and see how much co2 you can save in the month.

Accepted sport types
Main Rules
Only individual results available
Only activities with GPS data are accepted
Only activities started after joining challenge are accepted
Activities must be uploaded 24 hours after start
Workouts Can Be Recorded With
Adidas Running
Decathlon Coach
Apple Fitness
UACF MapMy...
Workouts Can NOT Be Recorded With

These apps do not allow to synchronize the GPS data (track) of workouts with DistantRace. By challenge rules only workouts with GPS data are accepted in the results so workouts that are recorded with these apps won't be accepted.

Huawei Health
About Challenge

Go to work by bike or by feet and get two things at once - good physical shape and save Co2 emission. Keep track of monthly km and carbon dioxide savings - how much can you collect?

What to do to participate in this challenge?

  1. Sign up on distantrace.com
  2. Connect your profile with your sports application
  3. Sign up for challenge
  4. Before going to work and back, turn on your sports program and make sure to stop activity, when you are finished, it will record your result and upload to distantrace.com
  5. Be sure that your GPS data is switched on

You will succeed! Nature friendly joy of movement!

Addidas Runtastic
Under Armour