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#Step by Step July 2023

Challenge Main Goal

The goal of the step challenge is to motivate participants to achieve a daily step count of 10,000

Main Rules
Results are calculated from daily steps - no need for recording workouts
Only individual results available
Apps that can be used for accessing daily activity data

Results of the challenge are calculated from participant's daily steps data. You need to choose only one data source for daily steps in your connections page. Download our app if you want to synchronise data from Apple Health or Google Fit (Android).

Apple Health
Google Fit
Mobile App
Apps that DO NOT provide data of daily activities

These apps do not record or do not allow us to access the data of your daily activity.

UACF MapMy...
Decathlon Coach
Adidas Running
Huawei HealthWahoo
About Challenge

Do You track your daily step count? The step challenge 10k is an exciting way to challenge yourself to walk more steps every day and enhance your physical well-being! Increase your physical activity level by going for walks or choosing to walk to work, and strive to achieve a daily goal of 10,000 steps. Engage in friendly competition with other participants and monitor your progress on the step challenge leaderboard for that extra motivation to move more!

What to do to participate in the step challenge?

1. Register on the distantrace.com platform

2. Download the Distant Race app and link it to your user profile and select the physical activity data source.

3. Sign up for the step challenge 10k

4. Walk and aim to collect a minimum of 10,000 steps daily

5. Track your progress and view other participants' results on the Distantrace platform

Step up for your well-being!

Addidas Runtastic
Under Armour