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Team Challenge #1

Challenge Main Goal

Collect outdoor running and walking km together as a team

Accepted sport types
Main Rules
Team results available. Teams must be organized by participants.
Top 5 individual results are included in team's result
Only activities with GPS data are accepted
Only activities started after joining challenge are accepted
Activities must be uploaded 24 hours after start
Workouts Can Be Recorded With
Adidas Running
Decathlon Coach
Apple Fitness
UACF MapMy...
Workouts Can NOT Be Recorded With

These apps do not allow to synchronize the GPS data (track) of workouts with DistantRace. By challenge rules only workouts with GPS data are accepted in the results so workouts that are recorded with these apps won't be accepted.

Huawei Health
About Challenge

Create your team, invite your family members, friends or colleagues to your team, do sports and collect the most km among other teams. Even if your team members live in different cities or countries – a distanced challenge allows everyone to achieve goals and have fun together.

What to do to participate in this challenge?

  1. Create a team and invite others to join your team
  2. Switch on your sports app during your workout (and switch it off after)
  3. Be sure that GPS data is switched on
  4. Collect as many km as possible – by walking or running over several training sessions, at a place and time that suits you
  5. Keep up with your ranking among other participants during the challenge

Let’s do this!

Addidas Runtastic
Under Armour