“Freedom Race” May 4



1. Goals

  • To create entertaining and athletic content for everybody, who wants to participate;
  • Encourage people to do more physical activities;
  • Unite people from all over the world with common challenges;
  • Promote spirit of competitions and positive feelings while there are a lot of limits in the world;

2. Time and place

Time: May 4, all day long. Official start for the race 10am Latvian time

Place: All over the world

3. Organizators

“Freedom Race” May 4 is event organized by “Ghetto Games”

4. Running

Distances - 3, 5, 10, 21, 42km

  • Mandatory for the participant is to run the minimum length of the distance, otherwise the result won’t be counted
  • For example, if participant chooses 3km distance, but in result ran 5km distance, after the race he can change the distance and results is going to count in the new registered distance
  • The results will count the entire time of activity (Including rest breaks)
  • Selected distance athlete can run all day long, but only first result is going to count overall

5. Participating fee and registration

There is no participating fee (if athlete wants he can buy a memory prize - medal and diploma and/or “Ghetto Games” socks)

1st Step - registration in distantrace.com

  • Web page distantrace.com
  • “Sign Up”
  • Fill all areas
  • Connect your sports application with your profile by pressing “connect with” and choose your application (Strava, Decathlon, Garmin etc.)

2nd Step - Join the competitions

  • Go to distantrace.com/en/competitions
  • Choose “#RunForFun 4.maija Brīvības skrējiens” or “Freedom Race” May 4
  • Press “apply”

            3rd Step - go for a run in May 4 and don’t forget to activate the application

6. Results

Results will be counted by “Ghetto Games” and published in social accounts, as well as in Ghetto.lv and distantrace.com web pages. Results will be written name, surname and time.

7. Award

In each distance we will reward women and men with the best time separately.

8. Health and safety

Each athlete, assessing their abilities, takes full responsibility for their own health and safety during the activity. “Ghetto Games” to no extent shall responsibility be assumed for injuries or health problems.

9. Disqualification

If an athlete does not respect the principles of fair play, manipulate with results or in any other way affects activity, “Ghetto Games” are fully - fledged to disqualified participants without any explanation.

10. Information

Follow for news in Ghetto Games social accounts