Terms and Conditions

1.     Competition duration: one month

2.     Competition location: your preffered location

3.     The Competition is organized by the virtual platform Distantrace.com

4.     The Competition is open to anyone 

5.     The aim of the competition is to finish the chosen distance 5km by running as fast as possible.

6.     Each activity must be recorded in one of the sports apps connected to the participant's account on distantrace.com. Activities can also be uploaded via GPX FIT and TCK files.

7.     The organizer has the right to disqualify a participant or their activity if it is found that participation in the Competition is being conducted in bad faith. If there is an error in an activity, it can be deleted by the participant or reported to the organizer.  

8.     Distance must be done by cycling - no motorised vehicles are allowed to be used. 

9. The competition will be repeated every month. 



10.   The participant must register an account on DistantRace.com with the information requested

11.  Participants must add one of the sports apps they use on a daily basis to their account

12.  The participant must accept the terms of the Competition and agree to the Regulations

13.  For activities to count towards the competition, participants must register for the competition and connect their sports app before completing the activity. Only activities performed after registration and the start of the competition will be counted.

14.  Participants are responsible for their own health during the activities


Withings and Huawei sports app does not allow participants to take part in competition that require GPS