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Best Virtual Challenges 2023 – Find What Suits You best

March 31, 2023, 1:15 p.m.

So, you discovered virtual challenges, you decided to give it a try, yet you are confused and still have questions where to start and what challenges suits you best? Let's take a look at the types of virtual challenges and what is specific about them, so that you can decide what is most suitable for you. Here are some of the best virtual challenges 2023 you can try: Distance challenge, Calories Challenge, Move Challenge, Time Challenge, and CO2 Challenge.

Before we dive in, important thing to mention – you can participate in any of those virtual challenges for free and exercise anytime and anywhere you want. Challenge yourself and get motivated by keeping up with your ranking among other participants!

1. Calories Challenge: #Burn Calories, Get Energy - do any kind of sport - run, exercise, walk, climb mountains or ride a horse - it's your choice, do what you like most. And a fun part - see how much energy you can produce with burned calories?

2. Distance Challenges can be with a certain distance, for example 100km or 500km, or with the goal of collecting as many total kilometers as possible during 30 days. Let’s take concrete examples:

# 100k Challenge: Can you run 100km per months? Sure, you can - collect 100km by running over several training sessions.

# Team Challenge: Create team and collect km by outdoor training activities together as a team and compete with other teams! Each member can participate separately from anywhere. Even from different countries!

# Cycling Tour Along Latvia’s Coastline - Ride a bicycle and collect as many km as the Latvian sea border – 500km. Can you do it?

# Break the KM - Walk, run or ride a bike and collect active points per Km. Get as many active points you can. How many active points you can get?

3. Move Challenge: #Active Days - Every active day counts! It is important to get active every day. It doesn't matter if you walk, run, swim or ride a horse - You will receive one point for every day you have been active for at least 30 minutes. Will you get all 30 points during one months?

4. Time Challenge: #Workout challenge - Bad weather? You don’t like to do sports outside? There is no excuse for not being active! Choose indoor workout challenge and be active - exercise at home, do yoga, work out at the gym - plenty of possibilities to be active. Do your indoor training and collect active minutes every day. Every active minute counts – see how many you can collect during 30 days?

5. C02 Challenge: #Move to work. The climate crisis is a very serious problem, what can you do to make things better? Go to work by bike or by feet and get two things at once - good physical shape and save Co2 emission. Keep track of monthly km and carbon dioxide savings - how much can you collect during 30 days?

You can find a wide range of ongoing virtual challenges and challenge races on So, challenge yourself, sign up and participate in one of the best virtual challenges 2023! Every active minute, day and Km counts!

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