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Office Wellness challenges for employee engagement

Aug. 16, 2023, 3:33 p.m.

As summertime blossoms and vacation plans occupy everyone's thoughts, maintaining office productivity and employee engagement can be quite a challenge per se. The allure of outdoor activities, vacation anticipation, and the desire to bronze in the sun can damage the enthusiasm of even the most dedicated team members. But fret not, for we have curated many exciting office wellness challenges designed to inspire your team, reenergize the office environment, and promote a healthy and engaging workplace! Let's dive straight into our ideas and tips for keeping your employees engaged!

1: Mind and Body: Recharge office wellness with Outdoor Fitness Activities

  • Go Outside and have a fresh air: if you can already lead meetings remotely, why not try outdoor meetings? Additionally, motivate your team to embrace nature's revitalizing potential through arranging outdoor fitness events like yoga sessions, boot camps, or team sports.
  • Lunchtime relaxes walks: Encourage walking meetings and lunch breaks outdoors, promoting physical activity and a change of scenery.
  • Stairway to Wellness: Encourage the use of stairs rather than elevators, promoting physical fitness and energizing the office environment.

2. Office Mindfulness challenges: Keep calm and feel the Moment

  • Meditation challenge: Dedicate a space within your office for moments of mindfulness, where employees can take a few minutes each day to recharge, disengage their minds, and boost focus.
  • Breathing Challenge: Introduce group breathing exercises for stress relief, allowing employees to feel refreshed and relaxed.

3. Fun-Filled Challenges for the Office

  • Step Challenges: Set up step challenge where employees can form teams and compete to reach daily step goals. Create weekly or monthly rewards for the most active participant or team!
  • Nature friendly CO2 challenge: Move to work. Encourage employees to go to work by bike or by walking and save Co2 emission.

In a few steps you can easily create your own challenge here

  • Desk Battles: Encourage employees to engage in desk exercises like leg lifts, seated twists, or shoulder stretches throughout the day. Organize friendly competitions to inspire participation and add a dash of excitement to the office. It is also important for the ergonomics of the workplace.
  • Office treasure hunts: Create wellness-themed treasure hunts throughout the office, where employees can uncover clues to reveal special wellness treats.
  • Outdoor treasure hunts: Plan outdoor activities in nearby parks or green spaces, incorporating physical challenges that promote team building and exploration.

Employee wellbeing is not an additional ‘good to have’; it’s a fundamental layer in high-performing companies and a vital aspect in a long list of business outcomes, including safety, productivity, retention, and company culture. Moreover – healthy employees are happy employees! So, gather your colleagues and prepare for amazing office wellness challenges, where thrilling adventures await and well-being takes center place.


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