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Virtual Race and Real Race – What is the difference?

Feb. 16, 2023, 6:16 p.m.

As you already know, the rapid growth of technology has ultimately changed every element of our lives, including sport competitions and challenges. Races, once only known as in-person competitions, have since become “virtual” - a new way to participate and compete with others. As lives get busier and technology advances, virtual races and virtual challenges have become the opportunity for many looking to stay motivated and reach one’s individual fitness goals. Where before a race may have been a logistical problem or daily activities hard to track, in nowadays these issues are gone. One can participate in the virtual race from anywhere (Yes, all around the World) and anytime (Yes, day or night) – whatever suits you best.

But how exactly does virtual race differ from Real Race? Do you thing “virtual” sounds like sport gaming? Sitting on the couch? No.

Much like a real-life race, a virtual race involves participants racing each other. For example, a running race is a single in-time event, which requires to participate in person and the race typically take only a few hours and can be over distances of 5km to 10km. The virtual aspect is that you can do the virtual running race wherever, and simply track and upload your time to compare with others. You don't see your competitors in person, just their activities – time and distance etc. on results page. Virtual Race is still real racing in sense that one still competes with others. Nevertheless, one can participate in a virtual race from anywhere and in anytime.

On we specialize in managing real races and virtual races across a variety of sport disciplines - running and walking, cycling etc. So get started, challenge yourself and others and stay motivated with!

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