Par sacensībām

If you enjoy forest roads with many ups and downs, this competition is for you. Dynamic track near Riga at the woods of Beberbeķi - one lap is 6,25 km - You can choose to go 1, 2 or 3 laps, turn on your GPS and register your ride to compete

What to do to participate in this competition?

  1. Sign up on
  2. Connect your profile with your sports service
  3. Sign up for competition
  4. Plan your cycling route and include track Beberbeķi in it. GPX of the track can be downloaded here - Download GPX
  5. Turn on your sports app while you are cycling and go to the track. Be sure that you cross start and finish points while your activity is still recording.
  6. Your result will be calculated between start and finish points, so you can start to record your activity before start point of the track and finish activity after finish point of the track.
  7. Result will be calculated when activity will be synchronised with DistantRace.
  8. You can do the distance as many times as you want - the best result will be accepted.