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Ongoing Cycling Challenges 2023 – Get ready and Race

April 5, 2023, 4:25 p.m.

Choosing a cycling challenge can be a great way to motivate yourself to improve your cycling skills and fitness levels, and if wanted – prepare for a real in-person cycling race. Here are some tips to help you choose the right cycling challenge:

Determine your fitness level: Assess your current fitness level to help you choose a cycling challenge that is achievable yet challenging. If you're a beginner, start your cycling journey with a shorter distance, and gradually increase the distance as your fitness level improves. It takes time, take it easy – break the distance kilometer by kilometer.

Decide on your cycling goal: Do you want to complete a certain distance, ride in a specific location, in a cycle route, or to get ready for the in-person real race in sometime ahead? Identifying your goal can help you choose the right cycling challenge. Achieve your goal challenging yourself, nevertheless enjoy also cycling training sessions towards that specific aim of yours.

Research cycling challenges: Look for cycling challenges that fit your criteria. There are many options available, including completion of certain distance: 20km, 40km or 60km and distances that can be reached in several trainings’ sessions, for example, 100km or 500km in a time period of 30days.

Choose the right distance: Select a distance that is challenging but achievable. Start with shorter distances and gradually work your way up to longer rides. Start with 20k distance and level up to the 60k #Ride and Compete challenge race! Make sure you train well in advance of your chosen cycling challenge to ensure you're prepared.

And finally choose your route and consider the terrain: Some cycling challenges are hilly, while others are flat. Choose a challenge that suits your cycling strengths and preferences.

You can start your cycling journey or prepare for an in-person race ahead with cycling challenges! Let’s take an inside look what we can offer:

#move to work. Take it easy. Just start your cycling days with a daily exercise – go to work by bike and also save Co2 emissions. Nature friendly cycling start-up.

#break the Km – If you cannot decide which distance to start with, no worries – just ride a bike and collect active points per each km.

#Cycling Tour Along Latvia’s Coastline - ride a bike and collect as many km as the Latvian sea border – 500km. You do not need to really do the cycling along the Latvian Coastline, you can reach that Distance from anywhere, just collect 500km by several training session at your chosen route. The virtual challenge main goal is to collect as many km as there are on the Latvian sea border line – 500km.

#Virtual Cycling Challenges 20k, 40k and 60k – Complete 20k of cycling within a single session. Ride your Distance anytime and anywhere you want! Make your everyday cycling more interesting by competing with others. To improve yourself, try to go up from one distance to the next one – start with 20k cycling challenge then level up to #Cycling Challenge 40k, and finally complete the #Cycling Challenge 60k.

So, challenge yourself, cycle, have some "chill" days, relax and repeat the cycling journey - anytime and anywhere!

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